Selina Wamucii is an end-to-end platform for sourcing food and agricultural produce from cooperatives. The platform facilitates the actual purchase of produce, logistics management, inspection, quality control, payments and risk management, and delivery to the destination port. We’re on a mission to enable agricultural produce to move around the world transparently, sustainably, and without waste.

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The food and agriculture supply chain is highly fragmented and massively broken. Global agricultural supply chains have long been characterized by inefficiencies caused by information asymmetry and the slow uptake of digitization. As a result, sourcing agricultural produce is still done over a handshake. The parties must meet in person before transacting and slowly nurture relationships – while trying to navigate issues of fraud, quality, pricing, availability, and product consistency in this process.

We are providing a safe and reliable platform where agrifood buyers can buy quality products directly from Selina Wamucii through our partnership with selected producers (especially cooperatives, aggregators, and processors that work with family farmers) around the world. For buyers, sourcing will be easier, competitive, and safe by having Selina Wamucii as their global supplier.

For producers, having Selina Wamucii as their marketing and offtake partner will guarantee a market for their products while reducing the risk of losses due to lack of market or from fraud where buyers default on payments. Producers don’t have to worry at all about marketing, sales, and receiving payment for their produce – Selina Wamucii handles the A to Z of their market access. The benefit of the market access/offtake program for agricultural producers is that they can focus on what they do best – sustainable production that meets market requirements.