Selina Wamucii Membership & Digital Products Refund Policy

Membership Cancellation

You may cancel your Selina Wamucii membership at any time by visiting Your Account and making changes to your membership settings. We will refund your membership fee less the value of any membership benefits enjoyed by you and your account during the period before your cancellation date. Memberships attained through a promotional or gift code are not eligible for a refund by Selina Wamucii. All refunds are processed within 14 working days from the date of cancellation/refund request. 


Termination of membership

We may terminate your membership at our discretion without notice. If we do so, you will receive a prorated refund whose value is determined by the number of full months remaining in your membership. However, refunds related to termination as a result of conduct that is determined to violate our Terms or any applicable law involves fraud or misuse of the membership or is harmful to the interests of Selina Wamucii or other users will not be immediate and may involve law enforcement agencies where necessary. Our failure to enforce or insist upon your strict compliance with our terms will not constitute a waiver of any of our rights.


Inaccurate or unexpected charges

If you notice any form of inaccurate or unexpected charge applied by Selina Wamucii and that payment is confirmed to have been received by Selina Wamucii, please contact us immediately through the Contact Us link available on every page of our website and our support will immediately look into and where confirmed, process in full refund this kind of charges. 


Swift Support
Selina Wamucii understands that financial transactions and especially where refunds are involved can be emotionally draining on the part of users. In respect of this, we have a dedicated support service that attends exclusively to all queries or requests related to refunds. Rest assured that we’ll always be at hand 24/7 to coordinate and resolve any issues related to refunds affecting all our users. 


Please note that before any refund is issued, Selina Wamucii or its payments processing partner may carry out personal identification procedures, where need be, to verify your identity to ensure that the same user who registered and paid for the membership is indeed the same one being refunded. This is part of our measures to prevent fraud.


Selina Wamucii sends regular updates to all its users regarding any changes to its membership fees, renewal cycles, termination of some products, addition of more tools/products and or features and any general changes that we find to be useful for our users. Please note that refunds arising from ignorance of such changes and where a paid-up user has already benefited from such changes will not be guaranteed and will be handled on a case by case basis through our support. 


Refund on digital products

Due to the nature of the informational or digital products that Selina Wamucii offers for sale, we, unfortunately, cannot accept returns and or requests for refunds for products that you have purchased and the same delivered to you.


Please be sure to read all available details about a product before you place your order and make payment.


If you have any questions about a Selina Wamucii informational/digital product’s relevance to you, scope and coverage, simply contact us for assistance from our dedicated support team before placing your order and making a payment.


Refund on physical goods shipped by sellers
For refunds to do with physical shipments by sellers to buyers, please refer to the relevant terms of use. This page applies to refunds relating to memberships and informational/digital products.