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Fruits and VegetablesProcessed & Agro CommoditiesHerbs and SpicesFlowersGrains and PulsesNuts and Oil SeedsFish and SeafoodMeat and LivestockTubers
Ethiopia Fruits and Vegetables from Ethiopia
Dudhi, Ethiopia Broccoli, Ethiopia Cabbages, Ethiopia Cabbage Tree (Moringa stenopetala), Ethiopia Carrots, Ethiopia Cauliflowers, Ethiopia Cherry Tomatoes, Ethiopia Collard, Ethiopia Eggplants, Ethiopia French Beans, Ethiopia Green Beans, Ethiopia Green Chili, Ethiopian Kales, Ethiopia Leeks, Ethiopia Lettuce, Ethiopian Mustard Seed, Ethiopia Okra, Ethiopia Pumpkin, Ethiopia Red Onions, Ethiopia Shallot, Ethiopia Snow Peas, Ethiopia Spinach, Ethiopia Squash, Ethiopia Sugar Snaps, Ethiopia Tomatoes, Ethiopia White Onions, Ethiopia Yellow Lentils, Ethiopia African Olives, Ethiopia Apples, Ethiopia Avocados, Ethiopia Bananas, Ethiopia Citrus, Ethiopia Custard Apple, Ethiopia Firethorns, Ethiopia Grapes, Ethiopia Graviolas, Ethiopia Guavas, Ethiopia Mangoes, Ethiopia Marquand, Ethiopia Papaya, Ethiopia Passion Fruit, Ethiopia Pears, Ethiopia Pineapples, Ethiopia Plums, Ethiopia Strawberries, Ethiopia Watermelon, Ethiopia Bitter Melons, Ethiopia Black Pepper, Ethiopia Capsicum, Ethiopia Hot Pepper, Ethiopia Lemon, Ethiopia Lime, Ethiopia Frozen Vegetables, Banana, Ethiopian Bananas, Ethiopia Palm Dates, Ethiopia Asparagus, Ethiopia Bananas, Ethiopia Broccoli, Ethiopia Guavas, Ethiopia Kale, Ethiopia Mangoes, Ethiopia Pineapples, Ethiopia Plantains, Ethiopia Shallots, Ethiopia Strawberries, Ethiopia Tomatoes, Ethiopia Strawberries
Processed & Agro Commodities from Ethiopia
Ethiopia Coffee, Ethiopia Cotton, Ethiopia Tea, Ethiopia Wool, Ethiopia Apple Juice, Ethiopia Avocado Oil, Ethiopia Castor Oil, Ethiopia Cinnamon Oil, Ethiopia Coconut Oil, Ethiopia Cottonseed Oil, Ethiopia Ginger Lily Oil, Ethiopia Grape Juice, Ethiopia Groundnut Oil, Ethiopia Honey, Ethiopia Ironweed Oil, Ethiopia Lemon Oil, Ethiopia Linseed Oil, Ethiopia Corn Oil, Ethiopia Molasses, Ethiopia Niger Seed Oil, Ethiopia Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Ethiopia Orange Puree, Ethiopia Palm Oil, Ethiopia Pineapple Juice, Ethiopia Safflower Oil, Ethiopia Sesame Oil, Ethiopia Sunflower Oil, Ethiopia Tomato Juice, Ethiopia Beeswax, Ethiopia Coffee, Ethiopia Cotton, Ethiopia Molasses, Ethiopia Sugar, Ethiopia Tea, Ethiopia Beeswax, Ethiopia Hides and Skins, Ethiopia Leather, Ethiopia Millet, Ethiopia Molasses, Ethiopia Natural Gum, Ethiopia Tea, Ethiopian Coffee, Ethiopia Myrrh Gum, Ethiopia Gum Arabic, Ethiopia Frankincense
Herbs and Spices from Ethiopia
Ethiopia Aloe Vera, Ethiopia Basil, Ethiopia Birds Eye Berbere, Ethiopia Black Cumin, Ethiopia Cardamom, Ethiopia Chervils, Ethiopia Chives, Ethiopia Coriander, Ethiopia Dills, Ethiopia Fenugreek, Ethiopia Frankincense, Ethiopia Garlic, Ethiopia Red Lentils, Ethiopia Lovages, Ethiopia Myrrh, Ethiopia Parsley, Ethiopia Red Pepper, Ethiopia Rosemary, Ethiopia Sage, Ethiopia Sorrel, Ethiopia Tamarinds, Ethiopia Tarragon, Ethiopia Thyme, Ethiopia Turmeric, Ethiopia Marjoram, Ethiopia Bird’s Eye, Ethiopia Black Pepper, Ethiopia Capsicum, Ethiopia Coriander, Ethiopia Cumin, Ethiopia Fenugreek, Ethiopia Garlic, Ethiopia Turmeric, Ethiopia Pepper, Ethiopia Turmeric
Flowers from Ethiopia
Filler Flowers, Ethiopia Carnations, Ethiopia Chrysanthemums, Ethiopia Desert Roses, Ethiopia Eucalyptus Flowers, Ethiopia Gypsophilia, Ethiopia Hagenia, Ethiopia Heather, Ethiopia Hibiscus, Ethiopia Hypericum, Ethiopia Jasmine, Ethiopia Lilies, Ethiopia Limonium, Ethiopia Orchids, Ethiopia Pot Plants, Red Hot Poker, Ethiopia Roses, Ethiopia Statice, Ethiopia Thistle, Ethiopia Amaranth, Ethiopia Flowers, Ethiopia Fresh Cut Roses
Grains and Pulses from Ethiopia
Ethiopia Chickpeas, Ethiopia Cowpeas, Ethiopia Haricot Beans, Ethiopia Horse Beans, Ethiopia Pea beans, Ethiopia Pulses, Ethiopia Barley, Ethiopia Maize, Ethiopia Millet, Ethiopia Sorghum, Ethiopia Teff, Ethiopia Wheat, Ethiopia Common Beans, Ethiopia Field Pea, Ethiopia Maize, Ethiopia Millet, Ethiopia Mung Beans, Ethiopia Peas, Ethiopia Soya Beans
Nuts and Oil Seeds from Ethiopia
Ethiopia Betel Nuts, Ethiopia Chestnuts, Ethiopia Betel Nuts, Ethiopia Karite Nuts, Ethiopia Kola Nuts, Ethiopia Macadamia, Ethiopia Pili Nuts, Ethiopia Sapucaia Nuts, Ethiopia Tung Nuts, Ethiopia Groundnuts, Ethiopia Rapeseed, Ethiopia Tung Nut Oil, Ethiopia Caraway Seeds, Ethiopia Sesame, Ethiopia sesame, Ethiopia Cotton Seeds
Fish and Seafood from Ethiopia
Ethiopia Fish, Ethiopia Fish
Meat and Livestock from Ethiopia
Ethiopia Beef, Ethiopia Fresh Mutton, Ethiopia Frozen Lamb, Ethiopia Pork, Ethiopia Veal, Beef, Ethiopia Beef, Ethiopia Goat Meat, Ethiopia Goats, Ethiopia Mutton, Ethiopia Sheep, Ethiopia Live Cattle, Ethiopia Live Goats, Ethiopia Live Sheep, Ethiopia Chilled Lamb, Ethiopia Chilled Goat Meat
Tubers from Ethiopia
Ethiopia Air Yams, Ethiopia Anchote, Ethiopia Beetroot, Ethiopia Cassava, Ethiopia Dinich, Ethiopia Enset bananas, Ethiopia Irish Potatoes, Ethiopia Sweet Potatoes, Ethiopia Taro, Ethiopia Yams, Ethiopia Potatoes
Tanzania Fruits and Vegetables from Tanzania
Tanzania Apples, Tanzania Apricots, Tanzania Avocados, Tanzania Bananas, Tanzania Blackberries, Tanzania Blueberries, Tanzania Coconuts, Tanzania Custard Apples, Tanzania Grapefruits, Tanzania Grapes, Tanzania Graviola, Tanzania Groundnuts, Tanzania Guavas, Tanzania Jackfruits, Tanzania Mandarins, Tanzania Mangoes, Tanzania Oranges, Tanzania Papaya, Tanzania Passion Fruits, Tanzania Peaches, Tanzania Pears, Tanzania Pineapples, Tanzania Plantains, Tanzania Plums, Tanzania Strawberries, Tanzania Tangerines, Tanzania Watermelons, Tanzania Lemons, Tanzania Limes, Tanzania Frozen Vegetables, Tanzania Amaranth, Tanzania Asparagus, Tanzania Broccoli, Tanzania Cabbages, Tanzania Carrots, Tanzania Cauliflowers, Tanzania Cherry Tomatoes, Tanzania Coleworts, Tanzania Collards, Tanzania Common Beans, Tanzania Cucumber, Tanzania Eggplants, Tanzania Kales, Tanzania Lettuce, Tanzania Mustard, Tanzania Pumpkin, Tanzania Red Onion, Tanzania Shallot, Tanzania Spinach, Tanzania Squash, Tanzania Sweet Onion, Tanzania Tomatoes
Processed & Agro Commodities from Tanzania
Tanzania Coffee, Tanzania Cotton, Tanzania Pyrethrum, Tanzania Sugarcane, Tanzania Tea, Tanzania Wool, Tanzania Apple Juice, Tanzania Avocado Oil, Tanzania Coconut Oil, Tanzania Corn Oil, Tanzania Cottonseed Oil, Tanzania Flaxseed Oil, Tanzania Fruit Mixtures, Tanzania Grape Juice, Tanzania Honey, Tanzania Lemon Oil, Tanzania Mango Juice, Tanzania Molasses, Tanzania Myrrh Gum, Tanzania Orange Juice, Puree & Oil, Tanzania Palm Oil, Tanzania Pineapple Juice, Tanzania Sesame Oil, Tanzania Soya Beans Oil, Tanzania Sugar, Tanzania Sunflower Oil, Tanzania Tomato Juice, Tanzania Wheat Flour, Tanzania Coffee, Tanzania Dried Mangoes, Tanzania Dried Pineapples
Herbs and Spices from Tanzania
Tanzania Bitter Melons, Tanzania Black Pepper, Tanzania Blue Basil, Tanzania Capsicum, Tanzania Cardamom, Tanzania Chili Peppers, Tanzania Chives, Tanzania Cinnamon, Tanzania Cloves, Tanzania Coriander, Tanzania Crinum Macowanii, Tanzania Cumin, Tanzania Fenugreek, Tanzania Fenugreek, Tanzania Garlic, Tanzania Ginger, Tanzania Leeks, Tanzania Mint, Tanzania Parsley, Tanzania Patchouli, Tanzania Rosemary, Tanzania Sage, Tanzania Tarragon, Tanzania Thymes, Tanzania Vanilla, Tanzania Green Chili
Flowers from Tanzania
Tanzania Goutweed, Tanzania Carnation, Tanzania Chrysanthemum, Tanzania Eucalyptus, Tanzania Euphorbia, Tanzania Gypsophila, Tanzania Hagenia, Tanzania Heather, Tanzania Hibiscus, Tanzania Hypericum, Tanzania Jasmine, Tanzania Lilies, Tanzania Orchids, Tanzania Roses, Tanzania Statice, Tanzania Thistles, Tanzania Tulips
Grains and Pulses from Tanzania
Tanzania Finger Millet, Tanzania Maize, Tanzania Pearl Millet, Tanzania Rice, Tanzania Sorghum, Tanzania Wheat, Tanzania Chickpeas, Tanzania Cowpeas, Tanzania Haricot Beans, Tanzania Kidney Beans, Tanzania Pea Bean, Tanzania Snap Beans, Tanzania Snow Peas
Nuts and Oil Seeds from Tanzania
Tanzania Cashew Nuts, Tanzania Palm, Tanzania Tung Nuts, Tanzania Groundnut Oil
Fish and Seafood from Tanzania
Tanzania Fish
Meat and Livestock from Tanzania
Tanzania Beef, Tanzania Lamb, Tanzania Mutton, Tanzania Pork, Tanzania Veal
Tubers from Tanzania
Tanzania Beetroot, Tanzania Cassava, Tanzania Irish Potatoes, Tanzania Sweet Potato, Tanzania Tannia, Tanzania Taro, Tanzania Yam
Rwanda Fruits and Vegetables from Rwanda
Rwanda Avocados, Rwanda Cape Gooseberries, Rwanda Custard Apple, Rwanda Grapes, Rwanda Grapefruit, Rwanda Guava, Rwanda Macadamia, Rwanda Mangoes, Rwanda Oranges, Rwanda Papaya, Rwanda Passion Fruit, Rwanda Pineapples, Rwanda Strawberries, Rwanda Sweet Banana, Rwanda Sweet Pepper, Rwanda Tangerine, Rwanda Tree Tomato, Rwanda Watermelon, Rwanda Apples, Rwanda Leeks, Rwanda Lemon, Rwanda Lime, Rwanda Amaranth, Rwanda Broccoli, Rwanda Cabbages, Rwanda Capsicum, Rwanda Carrots, Rwanda Cauliflower, Rwanda Cherry Tomatoes, Rwanda Chickpea, Rwanda Collard, Rwanda Common Beans, Rwanda Courgette, Rwanda Cowpeas, Rwanda Cucumber, Rwanda Eggplant, Rwanda French Beans, Rwanda Haricot Beans, Rwanda Kales, Rwanda Lentils, Rwanda Lettuce, Rwanda Red Onion, Rwanda Shallots, Rwanda Snow Peas, Rwanda Squash, Rwanda Sugar Snaps, Rwanda Tomatoes, Rwanda White Onions
Processed & Agro Commodities from Rwanda
Rwanda Coffee, Rwanda Pyrethrum, Rwanda Sugarcane, Rwanda Tea, Rwanda Wool, Rwanda Apple Juice, Rwanda Avocado Oil, Rwanda Corn Oil, Rwanda Cottonseed Oil, Rwanda Eucalyptus Oil, Rwanda Flaxseed Oil, Rwanda Fruit Mixtures, Rwanda Geranium Oil, Rwanda Grape Juice, Rwanda Honey, Rwanda Lemongrass Oil, Rwanda Orange Juice, Rwanda Patchouli Oil, Rwanda Sesame Oil, Rwanda Sunflower Oil, Rwanda Tomato Juice
Herbs and Spices from Rwanda
Rwanda Aloe Vera, Rwanda Basil, Rwanda Bird’s Eye, Rwanda Bitter Gourd, Rwanda Cardamom, Rwanda Chives, Rwanda Coriander, Rwanda Cumin, Rwanda Cypress, Rwanda Eucalyptus, Rwanda Fenugreek, Rwanda Geranium, Rwanda Ginger, Rwanda Hot Pepper, Rwanda Parsley, Rwanda Red Chili Pepper, Rwanda Rosemary, Rwanda Sage, Rwanda Thyme, Rwanda Turmeric, Rwanda Garlic, Rwanda Green Chili
Flowers from Rwanda
Rwanda Agapanthus, RWANDA AGAPANTHUS, Rwanda Ammi Visnaga, Rwanda Arabicum, Rwanda Buplereum, Rwanda Carnations, Rwanda Chrysanthemum, Rwanda Craspedia, Rwanda Crocosmia, Rwanda Eryngium, Rwanda Hagenia, Rwanda Hibiscus, Rwanda Hypericum, Rwanda Jasmine, Rwanda Lily, Rwanda Limonium, Rwanda Roses, Rwanda Tuberose, Rwanda White Arum
Grains and Pulses from Rwanda
Rwanda Barley, Rwanda Maize, Rwanda Millet, Rwanda Rice, Rwanda Sorghum, Rwanda Wheat, Rwanda Kidney Beans, Rwanda Pea-Bean, Rwanda Soybeans
Nuts and Oil Seeds from Rwanda
Rwanda Groundnuts, Rwanda Mustard Seed, Rwanda Rapeseed
Fish and Seafood from Rwanda
Rwanda Fish
Meat and Livestock from Rwanda
Rwanda Beef, Rwanda Frozen Lamb, Rwanda Mutton, Rwanda Pork, Rwanda Veal
Tubers from Rwanda
Rwanda Air Yam, Rwanda Beetroot, Rwanda Cassava, Rwanda Edible Aroids, Rwanda Irish Potatoes, Rwanda Sweet Potatoes, Rwanda Taro, Rwanda Yams
Kenya Fruits and Vegetables from Kenya
Kenya Avocado, Fresh Kenya Avocados, Kenya Mangetout (Snow Peas & Sugar Snap), Kenya Mangoes, Fresh Kenya Watermelons, Kenya Passion Fruits, Fresh Kenya Pawpaws, Fresh Kenya Pineapples, Kenya Strawberries, Kenya Broccoli, Kenya French / Green Beans, Kenya Tomatoes, Kenya Bell Pepper (Capsicum), Kenya Carrots, Kenya Okra, Kenya Dudhi, Kenya Turia, Kenya Karella, Kenya Baby Carrots, Kenya Baby Leeks, Green Mangoes, Fresh Kenya Asparagus, Kenya Custard Apple, Kenya Thorn Melon, Kenya Graviola, Fresh Kenya Eggplant, Kenya Butternut, Kenya Cauliflower, Kenya Onions – Suppliers & Exporters, Fresh Kenya Tree Tomato, Kenya Cavendish Bananas, Kenya Plums – Suppliers & Exporters, Kenya Loquats, Kenyan Apple Bananas, Kenya Cherry Tomatoes, Kenya Kales, Kenya Matoke, Kenya Pears, Kenya Seedless Watermelons, Kenya Gunda, Kenya loose patra, Kenya Beetroot, Kenya Cabbage, Kenya Pumpkin, Kenya Cantaloupe Watermelon, Kenya Marrow/Courgette, Kenya Baby Corn, Kenya Spinach, Kenya Snow Peas, Kenya Sugar Snap/Cascadia, Kenya Cranberries, Kenya Capsicums, Kenya Eggplant
Processed & Agro Commodities from Kenya
Extra Virgin Avocado Oil, Eucalyptus, Cypress oil, Rosemary oil, Frankincense oil, Leleshwa oil, Tea tree oil, Baobab oil, Neem Oil, Aloe gel, Kenya Mango Juice Concentrate, Pulp & Puree, Kenya Canned Pineapple, Pulp & Concentrate, Ready to Fry Chips, African honey, Kenya Pineapple Crush, Kenya Macadamia Oil, Kenya Tea, Kenya Coffee, Cold Pressed Extra-Virgin Sesame Oil, Kenya Cotton, Kenya Broad Beans, Kenya Coffee, Kenya Tea, Ceravado Extra Virgin Avocado Oil, Kenya Gum Arabic, Kenya Frankincense, Kenya Myrrh Gum
Herbs and Spices from Kenya
Kenya Basil, Kenya Coriander, Kenya Parsley, Kenya Chillies, Ginger, Mint, Tarragon, Thyme, Kenya Turmeric, Kenya Cardamom, Kenya Lemon Grass, Kenya Saffron, Kenya Cinnamon, Fresh Kenya Chives, Kenya Curry Leaves, Kenya Bird’s Eye Chili, Kenya Chora, Kenya rosemary, Kenya Pepper
Flowers from Kenya
Kenya Carnations, Kenya Lilies, Kenya Chrysanthemum, Kenya Filler Flowers, Kenya Roses, Kenya Cut Carnations, Kenya Cut Lilies And Buds, Kenya Cut Roses and Buds
Grains and Pulses from Kenya
Kenya Teff, Kenya chickpeas, Kenya Cowpeas, Kenya Rice
Nuts and Oil Seeds from Kenya
Fresh Kenya Coconut, Kenya Cashew Nuts, Kenya Macadamia Nuts, Kenya Almonds
Tubers from Kenya
Kenya Irish potatoes, Kenya Sweet Potato, Kenya Arrowroots, Kenya Yams
Uganda Fruits and Vegetables from Uganda
Uganda Sugarcane, Uganda Apples, Uganda Avocados, Uganda Bananas, Uganda Betel Nuts, Uganda Chestnuts, Uganda Custard Apples, Uganda Grapes, Uganda Graviolas, Uganda Groundnuts, Uganda Guavas, Uganda Jackfruits, Uganda Kola Nuts, Uganda Macadamia, Uganda Mandarins, Uganda Mangoes, Uganda Oranges, Uganda Papayas, Uganda Passion Fruits, Uganda Pears, Uganda Pineapples, Uganda Plantains, Uganda Strawberries, Uganda Tangerines, Uganda Watermelons, Uganda Crotalaria ochroleuca, Uganda African Eggplants, Uganda Amaranth, Uganda Asparagus, Uganda Broccoli, Uganda Butternut Squash, Uganda Cabbages, Uganda Carrots, Uganda Cauliflowers, Uganda Cherry Tomatoes, Uganda Collards, Uganda French Beans, Uganda Green Peas, Uganda Jute Mallow, Uganda Kales, Uganda Lettuce, Uganda Pumpkins, Uganda Red Onions, Uganda Snow Peas, Uganda Spinach, Uganda Tomatoes
Processed & Agro Commodities from Uganda
Uganda Coffee, Uganda Cotton, Uganda Grape Juice, Uganda Mango Juice, Uganda Plum Juice, Uganda Sisal, Uganda Tea, Uganda Tomato Juice, Uganda Wool, Uganda Coffee, Uganda Tea
Herbs and Spices from Uganda
Uganda Green Chili, Uganda Vanilla
Flowers from Uganda
Uganda Red Heliconia, Uganda Begonia, Uganda Carnations, Uganda Chrysanthemums, Uganda Gerbera, Uganda Hagenia, Uganda Hibiscus, Uganda Hypericum, Uganda Jasmine, Uganda Lilies, Uganda Limonium, Uganda Orchids, Uganda Roses, Uganda Thistles, Uganda Water Pennyworts
Grains and Pulses from Uganda
Uganda Rice, Uganda Barley, Uganda Finger Millet, Uganda Maize, Uganda Sorghum, Uganda Wheat, Uganda Cowpeas, Uganda Kidney Beans, Uganda Lentils, Uganda Okra, Uganda Snow Peas, Uganda Soybeans
Nuts and Oil Seeds from Uganda
Uganda Palm Oil, Uganda Pineapple Juice, Uganda Cashew Nuts, Uganda Shea Nuts
Fish and Seafood from Uganda
Uganda Fish
Meat and Livestock from Uganda
Uganda Mutton, Uganda Beef, Uganda Lamb, Uganda Pork, Uganda Veal
South Africa Fruits and Vegetables from South Africa
South Africa Lemons, South Africa Mandarins, South Africa Apples, South Africa Oranges, South Africa Figs, South Africa Kohlrabi, South Africa Persimmons, South Africa Kiwi, South Africa Capsicum, South Africa Beetroots, South Africa Cashew Apples, South Africa Avocados, South Africa Radish
Processed & Agro Commodities from South Africa
South Africa Coffee, South Africa Tea, South Africa Palm Oil, South Africa Cottonseed Oil
Herbs and Spices from South Africa
South Africa Vanilla Beans, South Africa Garlic
Flowers from South Africa
South Africa Cut Roses, South Africa Chrysanthemums, South Africa Lilies, South Africa Orchids
Grains and Pulses from South Africa
South Africa Mung Beans, South Africa Chickpeas, South Africa Maize, South Africa Wheat, South Africa Rice
Nuts and Oil Seeds from South Africa
South Africa macadamia nuts, South Africa Almonds, South Africa Olives
Fish and Seafood from South Africa
South Africa cuttlefish, South Africa Tuna, South Africa Swordfish, South Africa Hake
Meat and Livestock from South Africa
South Africa Live Goats
Morocco Fruits and Vegetables from Morocco
Morocco Watermelons, Morocco Strawberries, Morocco Bananas, Morocco Peaches, Morocco Plums, Morocco Blueberry, Morocco Cranberries, Morocco Figs, Morocco Kiwi Fruit, Morocco Avocados, Morocco Clementines, Morocco Raspberries, Morocco Tomatoes, Morocco Apricots, Morocco Mandarins
Processed & Agro Commodities from Morocco
Morocco Green Tea, Morocco Cassava, Morocco Natural Honey
Herbs and Spices from Morocco
Morocco Vanilla Beans, Morocco Saffron, Morocco Tarragon
Grains and Pulses from Morocco
Morocco Chickpeas, Morocco Kidney Beans
Nuts and Oil Seeds from Morocco
Morocco Almond Nuts
Fish and Seafood from Morocco
Morocco Tilapia, Morocco Tuna, Morocco Crabs
Mozambique Fruits and Vegetables from Mozambique
Mozambique Avocados, Mozambique Bananas
Processed & Agro Commodities from Mozambique
Mozambique Molasses
Grains and Pulses from Mozambique
Mozambique kidney beans, Mozambique Pulses, Mozambique pigeon peas, Mozambique Soybeans, Mozambique Kidney Beans
Nuts and Oil Seeds from Mozambique
Mozambique Cashew nuts, Mozambique Almonds, Mozambique Sesame, Mozambique Peanuts, Mozambique Macadamia, Mozambique Palm Oil, Mozambique Palm Oil
Fish and Seafood from Mozambique
Mozambique Fish, Mozambique Prawns and Shrimps, Mozambique shrimps and prawns, Mozambique Crabs, Mozambique Octopus, Mozambique Tuna
Egypt Fruits and Vegetables from Egypt
Egypt Dates, Egypt Grapefruit, Egypt Grapes, Egypt Guavas, Egypt Lemons, Egypt Mandarin, Egypt Mangoes, Egypt Oranges, Egypt Plantains, Egypt Strawberries
Processed & Agro Commodities from Egypt
Egypt Olive Oil, Egypt Cotton
Herbs and Spices from Egypt
Egypt Garlic
Grains and Pulses from Egypt
Egypt White Beans
Ghana Fruits and Vegetables from Ghana
Ghana pineapples, Ghana Papaya
Processed & Agro Commodities from Ghana
Ghana Shea Butter, Ghana Cocoa Beans
Flowers from Ghana
Ghana Lilies, Ghana Chrysanthemum
Grains and Pulses from Ghana
Ghana Soybeans
Nuts and Oil Seeds from Ghana
Ghana Cashew Nuts, Ghana Coconuts, Ghana Palm Oil, Ghana Sesame Seeds
Fish and Seafood from Ghana
Ghana Tuna, Ghana Octopus
Tubers from Ghana
Ghana Yams
Tunisia Fruits and Vegetables from Tunisia
Tunisia Dates, Tunisia oranges, Tunisia Nectarines, Tunisia Peaches, Tunisia Sloes, Tunisia Plums
Processed & Agro Commodities from Tunisia
Tunisia Sunflower Oil, Tunisia Soybean Oil, Tunisia Vegetable Oil, Tunisia Margarine, Tunisia Olive Oil
Fish and Seafood from Tunisia
Tunisia Mackerel
Malawi Processed & Agro Commodities from Malawi
Malawi coffee, Malawi tea
Herbs and Spices from Malawi
Malawi pepper, Malawi pepper
Grains and Pulses from Malawi
Malawi cowpeas, Malawi dry peas, Malawi kidney beans, Malawi maize, Malawi mung beans, Malawi Chickpeas
Nuts and Oil Seeds from Malawi
Malawi Macadamia Nuts
Senegal Fruits and Vegetables from Senegal
Senegal Guavas, Senegal Capsicum, Senegal Mangosteen
Processed & Agro Commodities from Senegal
Senegal Sweet Potatoes, Senegal Tea
Nuts and Oil Seeds from Senegal
Senegal Cashew Nuts
Fish and Seafood from Senegal
Senegal Lobsters, Senegal Snails, Senegal Tuna, Senegal Sardines
Madagascar Processed & Agro Commodities from Madagascar
Madagascar cotton
Herbs and Spices from Madagascar
Madagascar Cinnamon, Madagascar cloves, Madagascar Vanilla Beans, Madagascar Pepper, Madagascar Vanilla Beans
Fish and Seafood from Madagascar
Madagascar Crabs, Madagascar Fish, Madagascar Prawns and Shrimps
Cameroon Fruits and Vegetables from Cameroon
Cameroon Bananas, Cameroon Pineapples
Processed & Agro Commodities from Cameroon
Cameroon Cocoa Beans, Cameroon Cassava, Cameroon Cocoa Butter, Cameroon Beeswax, Cameroon Coffee, Cameroon Rice
Nuts and Oil Seeds from Cameroon
Cameroon Sesame Seeds
Somalia Fruits and Vegetables from Somalia
Somalia lemon
Processed & Agro Commodities from Somalia
Somalia Myrrh Gum, Somalia Gum Arabic, Somalia Frankincense
Nuts and Oil Seeds from Somalia
Somalia Sesame Seeds
Fish and Seafood from Somalia
Somalia Swordfish, Somalia Tuna
Meat and Livestock from Somalia
Somalia Live Sheep, Somalia Live Goat
Zambia Processed & Agro Commodities from Zambia
Zambia Chocolate, Zambia Maize, Zambia Molasses, Zambia Rice, Zambia Soybeans, Zambia Yogurt, Zambia Natural Honey
Nuts and Oil Seeds from Zambia
Zambia Groundnuts
Meat and Livestock from Zambia
Zambia Live Poultry
Namibia Fruits and Vegetables from Namibia
Namibia Grapes, Namibia Dates
Fish and Seafood from Namibia
Namibia Hake, Namibia Fish Fillet, Namibia Tilapia, Namibia Lobster
Meat and Livestock from Namibia
Namibia Live Goats, Namibia Live Cattle, Namibia Live Sheep
Sudan Fruits and Vegetables from Sudan
Sudan Bananas
Processed & Agro Commodities from Sudan
Sudan Natural Gum Arabic, Sudan myrrh, Sudan Frankincense
Grains and Pulses from Sudan
Sudan Sorghum
Nuts and Oil Seeds from Sudan
Sudan sesame
Meat and Livestock from Sudan
Sudan Live Sheep
Western Sahara Processed & Agro Commodities from Western Sahara
Western Sahara Fish Oil
Fish and Seafood from Western Sahara
Western Sahara Sardines, Western Sahara Bonito, Western Sahara Tuna, Western Sahara Squid, Western Sahara Octopus, Western Sahara Anchovies
Angola Fruits and Vegetables from Angola
Angola Bananas
Processed & Agro Commodities from Angola
Angola Beet Sugar, Angola Coffee
Fish and Seafood from Angola
Angola Crabs, Angola Prawns, Angola Shrimp, Angola Lobsters
Guinea Fruits and Vegetables from Guinea
Guinea Capsicum, Guinea Peaches, Guinea Pears
Processed & Agro Commodities from Guinea
Guinea Coffee
Nuts and Oil Seeds from Guinea
Guinea Cashew Nuts, Guinea Sesame
Zimbabwe Fruits and Vegetables from Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe Avocados, Zimbabwe Tamarinds
Processed & Agro Commodities from Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe Tea, Zimbabwe Maize, Zimbabwe Coffee
Nuts and Oil Seeds from Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe Macadamia Nuts
Togo Fruits and Vegetables from Togo
Togo Pineapples
Processed & Agro Commodities from Togo
Togo Cocoa Beans, Togo Coffee Beans
Herbs and Spices from Togo
Togo Sesame Seeds
Nuts and Oil Seeds from Togo
Togo Cashew Nuts
Meat and Livestock from Togo
Togo Chicken Meat
Ivory Coast Fruits and Vegetables from Ivory Coast
Ivory Coast Bananas
Processed & Agro Commodities from Ivory Coast
Ivory Coast Cocoa Beans, Ivory coast rubber, Ivory Coast Rice, Ivory Coast Coffee Beans
Nuts and Oil Seeds from Ivory Coast
Ivory Coast Cashew Nuts
Djibouti Processed & Agro Commodities from Djibouti
Djibouti Coffee, Djibouti Leather
Nuts and Oil Seeds from Djibouti
Djibouti Sesame Seeds
Meat and Livestock from Djibouti
Djibouti Live Goat, Djibouti Live Sheep
Nigeria Processed & Agro Commodities from Nigeria
Nigeria Cocoa Beans, Nigeria Natural Gum Arabic
Grains and Pulses from Nigeria
Nigeria Soya Beans
Nuts and Oil Seeds from Nigeria
Nigeria Sesame Seeds, Nigeria Cashew Nuts
Botswana Processed & Agro Commodities from Botswana
Botswana Wood
Grains and Pulses from Botswana
Botswana Kidney Beans
Meat and Livestock from Botswana
Botswana Beef, Botswana Live Cattle
Mauritius Fruits and Vegetables from Mauritius
Mauritius pineapples
Processed & Agro Commodities from Mauritius
Mauritius beet sugar
Herbs and Spices from Mauritius
Mauritius vanilla
Fish and Seafood from Mauritius
Mauritius shrimps and prawns
Niger Fruits and Vegetables from Niger
Niger Onions
Processed & Agro Commodities from Niger
Niger Cotton, Niger Natural Gum Arabic
Nuts and Oil Seeds from Niger
Niger Sesame Seeds
Democratic Republic of Congo Processed & Agro Commodities from Democratic Republic of Congo
DRC Cocoa Beans, DRC Coffee Beans, DRC Aucoumea Klaineana, Congo Cinchona Quinine Tree Bark
Chad Processed & Agro Commodities from Chad
Chad Natural Gum Arabic, Chad Cotton
Nuts and Oil Seeds from Chad
Chad Sesame Seeds
Congo Processed & Agro Commodities from Congo
Congo Cocoa Beans, Congo Wood, Congo Coffee
Burkina Faso Processed & Agro Commodities from Burkina Faso
Burkina Faso Cotton
Nuts and Oil Seeds from Burkina Faso
Burkina Faso Sesame Seeds, Burkina Faso Cashew Nuts
Algeria Fruits and Vegetables from Algeria
Algeria Dates
Processed & Agro Commodities from Algeria
Algeria Hides and Skins, Algeria Molasses
Benin Processed & Agro Commodities from Benin
Benin Cotton, Benin Wood
Nuts and Oil Seeds from Benin
Benin Cashew Nuts
Lesotho Processed & Agro Commodities from Lesotho
Lesotho Cotton
Fish and Seafood from Lesotho
Lesotho Trout
Meat and Livestock from Lesotho
Lesotho Live Goats
guinea Bissau Nuts and Oil Seeds from guinea Bissau
Guinea Bissau Cashew Nuts
Fish and Seafood from guinea Bissau
Guinea Bissau Mackerel, Guinea Bissau Sardines
Liberia Processed & Agro Commodities from Liberia
Liberia Natural Rubber, Liberia Cocoa Beans
Mali Fruits and Vegetables from Mali
Mali Guavas, Mali Mangosteen
Comoros Herbs and Spices from Comoros
Comoros Cloves, Comoros Vanilla
Central African Republic Fruits and Vegetables from Central African Republic
Central African Republic Quinces
Processed & Agro Commodities from Central African Republic
Central African Republic Wood
Gabon Processed & Agro Commodities from Gabon
Gabon Aucoumea Klaineana, Gabon Natural Rubber
Mauritania Fish and Seafood from Mauritania
Mauritania Octopus, Mauritania Cuttlefish
Swaziland Fruits and Vegetables from Swaziland
Swaziland Pineapples
Processed & Agro Commodities from Swaziland
Swaziland Sugar
Burundi Processed & Agro Commodities from Burundi
Burundi Tea, Burundi Coffee
Cape Verde Fish and Seafood from Cape Verde
Cape Verde Mackerel, Cape Verde Tuna
Gambia Processed & Agro Commodities from Gambia
Gambia Wood
Nuts and Oil Seeds from Gambia
Gambia Cashew Nuts
Equatorial Guinea Processed & Agro Commodities from Equatorial Guinea
Equatorial Guinea Wood
Eritrea Herbs and Spices from Eritrea
Eritrea Cloves
Seychelles Fish and Seafood from Seychelles
Seychelles Tuna
South Sudan Nuts and Oil Seeds from South Sudan
South Sudan Sesame seeds
Sao Tome and Principe Processed & Agro Commodities from Sao Tome and Principe
Sao Tome and Principe Cocoa Beans
Sierra Leone Processed & Agro Commodities from Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone Wood
Equitorial Guinea Processed & Agro Commodities from Equitorial Guinea
Equatorial Guinea Cocoa Beans
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